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J.S. Cornwall Cabin


Main Point of Contact
Shirl Cornwall
818.790.0174 (home) 626.793.5782 (office)

Other Contact Information
Carol Madsen, 801.364.3431,

When was your cabin built?
1940  without electricity or in-cabin water.  A walk to the spring was delightful.

In what year did your family become shareholders on the ranch?
1937 - Not sure whether it was $75 or $175 for Spence to buy a share.

Any other interesting facts you'd like to share about your cabin?
Of the 7 siblings, children of Mary and Spencer Cornwall, there are four families who presently use the cabin on a rotational weekly basis.  It has been well maintained and it is difficulet even for us to realize that it is 70 years old.  The grand children love it and we are now into the 3rd generation of users.