Courtesy Rules

March 17, 2009 

1. Keep the entrance gate locked at all times.

2. Use of firearms is not permitted on ranch premises except during hunting season. During the hunting season firearms must only be used above the lower logging road. The term "firearm" is interpreted to mean not just large rifles and pistols but also pellet guns, BB guns, and .22's.

3. Do not use any horse on the ranch unless permission is obtained from the owner.

4. Horses must not be ridden near any cabin, and caution must be observed where children are playing.  The Ranch maintains trails especially for the use of hikers and horseback riders.  Please use the trails.  No racing on the roads (see horse grazing below). 

5. Close all gates on the ranch to keep horses where they belong.

6. Do not dump garbage, ashes, or cans down the river bank or any other place on the ranch.  Please, do not leave any open garbage.

7. A ten-mile-per-hour speed limit on the ranch roads must be observed.  This helps keep down the dust and avoid accidents.

8. There will be no cutting of Christmas trees on the ranch.

9. Fireworks are not permitted on the ranch.  Please be careful of all fire hazards.

10. No recreational use or operation of ATV’s, motorcycles or other similar all terrain vehicles is authorized on the ranch.  ATV use for ranch work purposes may be authorized by the board of directors in writing for specific projects or work days.

11. Snowmobiles must not be driven too close to cabins and must use caution and courtesy when riding. Riding must not start before sunrise and must end by 10:00 p.m.

Please observe the privacy of the areas immediately surrounding each cabin.

A penalty will be imposed upon any violator of the above rules by your board of directors.  Each cabin shareholder is responsible for the acts and behavior of his family and guests.  A copy of these rules should be posted in each cabin to be read by shareholders, family members, and guests.


Board of Directors

Pines Ranch, Inc.

Pines Ranch,
May 20, 2012, 1:17 PM